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Purple Stone 🇸🇪 - 'Purple Stone' (album)

So there should be 4 quick write up of albums today as I try to make inroads into the backlog, and I'll start with Purple Stone. I know that indie bands always appreciate the coverage, but I have a feeling with these guys that almost irrespective of who listens and where, they’d still be doing their thing - it really is 'all about the music'.

They’re a duo consisting of Johan Hansson and David Skog, with their Spotify bio suggesting that they record music 'together but miles apart' - although I do know it was recorded in Stockholm. Confusingly for me at least I have no recollection where I came across them, and their indistinct name hardly helps either, failing the famous NMR 'googleability test' with me fruitlessly searching online through lots of photos of purple stones, Swedish purple stones, musical purple stones and even stoned purple Swedish musicIans.

However these guys write really nice music, with the self titled album a fluid, melodic release which is pretty easy to get lost in. Opener 'Umi' sets the tone, with gentle guitar offering a flowing intro and so natural does it feel I barely notice it's actually purely instrumental. When the vocals are introduced in 'Black Hole' they just merge into those instrumental sounds, adding a dreamy vision of being sent up into space, accompanied by sliding guitar that sounds like the eerie sounds you'd imagine you'd get up there - if it wasn't a matter free vacuum where sound waves can’t travel obviously.

Anyway whilst I ponder this and google 'noise in space' to prove just how wrong I am the album continues, and amongst my favourites are the gorgeous 'Kisses from the Sky', soft, elegant and just so intricately constructed, with the accompanying instrumental raindrops actually falling like kisses from the sky. 'Alfie' does slightly raise the pace and the volume marginally with a catchy chorus that makes it a favourite, but there's not even a false sounding note, let along a track on the album - the tranquil instrumental opening in concluder 'The Ocean' is a just a really simple delight too.

It‘s certainly true there may be a mood or a time for this, it won't be your workout release for sure, it's an album to reduce your heart rate, not raise it. And I probably do need to balance it by writing about some Swedish Punk next. But these guys can really write, and in such an apparently effortless way too, with 'Purple Stone' a delightful, sophisticated release that warms the heart. And they'd still be doing it even if no-one else agreed.

Find them on Instagram and even Twitter.


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