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Räre Birds 🇸🇪 - ‘Absolutely the EP’ (EP)

Swedish band Räre Birds describe themselves as 'a bit like a western movie, but in space and on acid'. Now given my upbringing in a small village, somewhere close to nowhere, I don't know much at all about being on acid (or in fact being in space or in a western movie either come to think about it), but for some reason as soon as I read the description I pretty much guessed what I'd be listening to, and that it would be right up my street - or at least somewhere on my muddy lane, next to the field with the crop circles in.

I'm in danger of digressing already, but I don't think Räre Birds will mind, because the 8 minute opener of 'Big Red Sun' is the type of dreamy trippy psych that would probably be a good accompaniment to a discussion about whether crop circles were created by aliens or not, and what role the village scarecrow played in it all - especially in the long fluid instrumental section. Either way it hits the mark perfectly for me, for sure it's not an indie pop banger and was never intended as such, but i think it's a pretty good introduction to their laid back, hazy style.

The Stockholm 5 piece continue with 'True Love' where the vocal melodies are more distinct, and the guitars have more of a '90's indie' sound, it dances along at a good pace and actually I like the contrast with the previous track. 'Rush of Andrenaline' has elements of them both, but has a dreamier feel, still with a catchy melody and it probably is the most 'playlistable' track given it's only just over 3 minutes in length. Concluding track 'Gloomy Eyes' meanwhile takes us away from it all again with gentle reverb soaked guitars, the 60's and 70"s influences clear and whilst it certainly may take a few listens, it's worth the time and investment.

I'm bought into what they're trying to do certainly, they have a distinct style and I'm guessing have a lot of fun in their dreamy western movie / space / acid world. To state the obvious, real life can be a bit shit sometimes, and Räre Birds certainly know how to escape from it all.

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