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  • David Bentley

Rebecka Reinhard – No Release (single)

Following on from the release of her single ‘Whale’ earlier this year, which was featured in NMR, Swedish dream pop artist Rebecka Reinhard released her brand new single 'No Release' (is that an oxymoron?) yesterday on June 30th and announced the details of her new EP on the same day.

Rebecka follows a similar pattern to ‘Whale’ on this track, which like its predecessor starts off as a ballad then in this instance gives way to a monstrosity of a guitar shred to the backing of booming dissonant drums and cymbals.

It reminded me of ‘Behave’ by Elle Mary and the Bad Men which has a similar opening guitar sequence and which also descends, ultimately, into chaos at the end, though with some explicit lyrics which Rebecka wisely refrains from here.

You just wish that outro could have gone on a bit longer until it reached its own Big Band and created a new universe.

Vocally, I likened her to several artists last time out, including Jenny Lewis. This time she just sounds like Rebecka Reinhard.

It’s one of those tracks that require you to listen to it several times to get the full flavour. She really rocks and if she can do this carry this off live on stage she’ll gain many new fans.

‘No Release’ follows on from the collection’s title-track in previewing her new EP, also called‘Whale’, which will be released on August 21st through Crowds and Power. Recorded between London and the Swedish countryside, the record comes after a period of musical and personal discovery as she shifted between Stockholm, Paris and London.

Having previously been compared to the likes of Mazzy Star (hmm, perhaps), Reinhard hasn’t yet spoken about specific influences, although she listens to everything from hip-hop to punk, new wave, shoegaze, psych-rock, folk pop, jazz and northern soul. She also aligns herself with artists like Snail Mail, Mitski, Angel Olsen and Courtney Barnett.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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