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Recommended Albums This Week (15/01/24): Marika Hackman 🇬🇧, Bill Ryder-Jones 🇬🇧, Limandi 🇸🇪, Star of Heaven 🇸🇪

A new weekly feature for 2024 that hopefully will last more than a week. No detailed reviews, just a guide to what we'll be listening to this week.

Established British artists Marika Hackman and Bill Ryder-Jones have releases out early, with Hackman offering a reflective, raw and personal release with some beautiful instrumental arrangements, whilst Ryder-Jones' 'lechyd Da' is an absolute triumph, with melodic warmth and lovely contributions from a school choir. Swedish artist and producer Limandi weaves clever, intricate alt-pop trip-hop songs with persuasive lyrics on her debut 'FUCK. IT.', whilst it's a warm welcome back for post rock outfit Star of Heaven with a live recording of a concert they did last year, featuring 5 new songs from a forthcoming album - the production on this is really impressive.

Marika Hackman - 'Big Sigh'

Bill Ryder-Jones - 'lechyd Da'

Limandi - 'FUCK. IT.'

Star of Heaven - 'Slow Tour from Öregrund'

More next week.


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