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Remington Super 60 - ‘I Won’t Change My Mind’ (single)

I wrote about Norwegian band Remington Super 60 at the beginning of the year when they released a new EP, but they always seem a pretty active band, continually writing and releasing, and I think we probably missed a couple of single releases over summer. Now they’re back with what I suspect is their final release of the year – unless they do another Christmas song, which they have done previously.

They were originally set up around songwriter, producer and record label owner Christoffer Schou and were formed as a 'Casio bedroom pop band' in 1998, and they’re based in the lovely looking Fredrikstad, which is south of Norway close to the Swedish border. Alongside Christoffer Schou there are two other band members, Elisabeth Thorsen & Magnus Abelsen. They’ve released several albums, EPs, as well as appearing on compilation albums and their music always appeals to me – gentle indie pop, with often short melodic tracks that have a genuine warmth to them.

New release “I Won't Change My Mind” is taken from their up and coming EP release due next February, and it takes on a genuinely challenging and sad subject, the break up of band members Christoffer and Elisabeth, whilst still making music together as friends. To state the obvious that can’t be easy, and the result is honest, poignant and melancholy, whilst still retaining that Remington Super 60 warmth that I referred to.

Not the soft, uplifting vibes we’re used to from these guys obviously, but still very welcome and the song genuinely makes me feel for them both for what they’ve gone through.

Find them on Facebook.


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