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Revolt (Norway) - 'Giljotin' (single)

I last wrote about young Norwegian band Revolt last year when they released their single ‘Kyoto’, and their new track ‘Giljotin’ (which came out yesterday) is another impressive high energy release. It’s the type of track that the neighbours need to hear, irrespective of whether they actually want to.

They’re a 5 piece band originated from Molde, and they’re clearly influenced by alternative bands from the 90’s, which as I probably pointed out previously is somewhat irritating given that era was before they were actually born. And their sound certainly is big enough to fill bigger venues, if of course there’s actually any left by the time this pandemic ends.

They released an album ‘The Beautiful Decay’ back in 2018, but recent releases show how the band have developed their sound (for the better), and ‘Giljotin’ is a great demonstration of that – powerful opening with a great bass contribution, and the vocals carve out a strong melody in the style of bands such as Agent Fresco. I’ll never tire of pointing out that you really just need loud guitars and tunes to keep most people happy, and Revolt do exactly that.

Anyway the band haven’t explained in much detail about the song itself other than: ‘It’s about not being heard. It is about a public muzzle we are all meant to carry’. Sure, they might feel like muzzles sometimes and I agree it’s difficult to be heard in shops, but definitely just keep wearing the masks guys. Oh, so it’s not about that?

I didn’t realise that that Revolt were on Apollon Records too, through HQ Indie management I think. Between them they have some really good artists and bands, with a fair few releases this year that I haven’t had time to check out. But I will do.

Find them on Facebook.


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