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Revolt (Norway) - ‘Shatterhand’ (from new EP ‘All Things Bloom Part 1’)

I’m looking forward in particular to getting stuck into the new Dobbeltgjenger album ’Smooth Failing’, but in the meantime fellow Norwegian outfit Revolt offer an entertaining if slightly less offbeat alternative with their EP ‘All Things Bloom Part 1’. I’m guessing we might be offered Part 2 at some point.

I’ve written about them a couple of times previously, an outrageously young group who’ve released an album, as well as some some good value singles. The new EP contains 3 of those singles, ‘Kyoto’ and ‘Giljotin‘ and ‘Shatterhand’, which was first released I think a couple of years ago.

There’s not a lot of subtlety in the Revolt approach, loud guitars, staccato rhythms and stadium scale anthemic vocals, but I like their energy, ambition and sound, and I think this EP shows how much they’ve improved their songwriting skills since their 1st album.

Shatterhand’ is the ‘focus’ track in the album, and there’s a little bit there for everyone, even at one stage with a hint of a James Bond style theme. The ending is particularly impressive with driving guitars and bold instrumentals adding to the mix.

Definitely all enjoyable stuff and would love to see them on a festival line up here in the UK. But I’d still like to see them stamp even more of their own personal style on their music, although given they’re such a young band I’m sure they will do so.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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