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S. Vestergaard - C.M.W.Y.G.T. (single)

I guess I should never let the title of a track put me off, but I do fear long acronyms, especially when I have no idea what they mean, and ‘C.M.W.Y.G.T’ by S. Vestergaard initially filled me full of dread. I think I prefer the approach of Post Rock bands who aren’t afraid to go full on with their descriptions – who can forget Mogwai’s ‘’George Square Thatcher Death Party’’ from their album, ‘’Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will (Music for a Forgotten Future)’’. I don’t think G.S.T.D.P. would have quite worked as effectively.

But ‘C.M.W.Y.G.T’ it is, and it stands for ‘Call Me When You Get There’, which I guess is a throwback to the times when people used their mobile phones for calling each other.

Anyway I digress, because curiously enough, it’s not the mechanics of the title that I want to consider, it’s the ‘’electronic orchestra’ that S. Vestergaard has tried to create here – in his words, he wanted to ‘’make synths sound like horns, and strings and harps, and put together like a classical piece’’.

It certainly opens really effectively with what appears to be an orchestra tuning up, but then the synths blast in, sounding like synths, and actually I forget about the described intent, instead being treated to a really clever, innovative track, that sounds electronic based, but does shift across musical boundaries – you will hear classical, ambient, electronic and rock influences. It's not quite as I envisaged it when I read the description, but I do like it.

The atmosphere created is interesting also, described as influenced by ‘Nordic noir’, and I can hear a little of that. He deliberately used ‘noisy equipment’ and played the tracks as live as possible – so there are maybe hints of Christian Gabel’s approach in his incredible ‘1900’ project.

Worth listening to, and very different from all that noisy rock and loud guitar stuff I’ve been writing about in the last week or so.

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