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Sea Lion (Sweden) - ‘There’s a Cool Light in my Baby’s Room’ (single)

I’ve listened to so much new music in the last 24 hours, and I’m really looking forward to introducing some new artists through these pages, but a new Sea Lion single is always welcomed, and when the world is rushing at 100mph it feels quite reassuring to be listening to her gentle melancholy charms.

We featured her quite recently of course, courtesy of her recent album ‘I Heard there’s Music on the Town’, which I finally got to late in December. Behind the name is the Swedish songwriter Linn Osterberg, and that album was her 4th, so she’s been fairly consistent in her releases in previous years.

New single ‘There’s a Cool Light in my Baby’s Room’ was the last song recorded in her Gothenburg studio just before she decided to leave the city and move out into the countryside. She told us that it "touches on subjects such as the ending of chapters and leaving people and places behind in the pursuit of new beginnings.”

It’s very typically Sea Lion, minimalist, soft, with an ambient backdrop and every sound seemingly considered sparingly. It’s melancholy of course, but gently comforting too. Sometimes I like to lock myself away with her music, and maybe I need to try and get purchase of one of her limited edition vinyl's at some point.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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