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Silla Dream - ‘Cat Eyes’ (single)

You can’t beat a catchy indie pop track with a belting chorus, and Danish songwriter Silla Dream manages exactly that in his new track ‘Cat Eyes

He’s another artist that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, Copenhagen based and having released his debut EP in August, he’s made quite a nice impression on music blogs across Europe with his wonky style of indie guitar pop.

Behind the moniker is the songwriter Markus Hodal Drag, although I cant find too much mentioning previous projects, and the Facebook page for the project only went live in July. He describes it as his “own little rebellion against mass production, overly planned business strategies and perfectionism in songwriting”. That’s a rather nice description, and whilst it’s not for me to judge whether his music does have technical imperfections, it’s certainly true that his new EP ‘The Silent Treatment’ is a little bit ‘hit and miss’ to my ears.

But when he gets things right, the result is wonderfully leftfield and curious songwriting, and ‘Cat Eyes’ is just great fun, with jangly guitars, a big chorus and changes in pace between the sections that keep the track interesting. I can’t think of too many comparisons, but I often reference bands such as This Heel and The Nature Centre, and this is at least heading in the same offbeat style.

Take a listen:

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