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Simen Mitlid 🇳🇴 - 'Social' (EP)

Not so much of a review tonight, but given the backlog I wanted to keep the momentum going by mentioning an EP that came out today, and that's been a lovely accompaniment to the 'day job'. It comes courtesy of Norwegian musician Simen Mitlid, who's released 'Social', a 7 track (including an intro and outro) release, which is typical of his songwriting.

I've written about him before, an artist who has a really good reputation in Norway, releasing 3 albums on the way, 'Everything is the Same', 'Neutral' and 'Birds...'. He also collaborates on other projects (for example Benedikt) and is a favourite of the World's loveliest musical festival, Indiefjord, which is always a good sign.

Anyway he's released 3 of the tracks on 'Social' as singles, one of which 'DNA' I have mixed views over, so I'll skip over that and focus on the likes of 'Away', which is a typically well judged flowing melodic track, with gentle understated vocals, all very much in the Sufjan style, but as always with his tracks the sound and production is just an absolute delight to listen to.

'Channels' and 'Leon T' were also released previously, with the former including contributions from his friends in Benedikt, it remains a gorgeous song, whilst 'Dead End', similarly to 'DNA', mixes things up as they mess around electronically with the vocals, which isn't really my preference, but has enough 'natural 'sounding sections to still make it enjoyable.

Always lovely to get new music from Simen Mitlid, his music and songwriting is just so well judged, and the presentation in terms of the sound quality is really outstanding. Please take a listen.

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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