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Single of the Week: CAJA (Norway) - 'In the Garden'

I skipped a Single of the Week last week to get back into the routine of covering some Albums and EP's, but the debut single from CAJA is an impressive track that's worthy of more attention, and she’s definitely an artist we’ll be hearing about in the future.

Of course new singer songwriters emerge from Norway every week, so maybe it does take something slightly different and distinctive to stand out, and CAJA has a natural, wistful Nordic quality that will transport you away from the realities of life away to her place - in some ways a dreamy fairytale world, but actually track ‘In The Garden’ is a really personal song dedicated to her grandfather after the loss of her grandmother.

She was brought up on the small island of Austevoll, just off the west coast from Bergen, and it’s no surprise that those surroundings have influenced her too, as well as artists such as Björk, Agnes Obel and Susanne Sundfør.

All of these influences and experiences can probably be detected in ‘In The Garden’, but she stamps her personality on the track too, and the song is packed full of character, from the gentle hum of background sounds at the start, to the silence that accompanies the piano, the development of strings and all carried through with her gorgeous vocals.

Something a little special in the air here I think. CAJA’s debut EP will be released later this year and she has showcase concerts planned in Bergen and Oslo.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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