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Single of the Week: He is Tall. 🇩🇰 - 'Snow Fortress'

A 'Snow Fortress' might sound like the type of thing you'd find in Game of Thrones and be more associated with the cold dark nights in the depths of winter, but actually it's a bright, breezy song which could even be a summer pop hit.

It's courtesy of Danish songwriter Troels Sørensen, and whilst his He is Tall. stage name (the ’full stop’ isn’t a typo) might make a support slot to the excellent The Tallest Man on Earth slightly awkward and confusing, he has shared bills with the likes of Natalie Bergman, Tyler Childers and even The Divine Comedy.

He's released a few low-key singles over the last few years but this latest track 'Snow Fortress' is definitely his best yet, inspired not just by the folk artists he listened to whilst he was younger (Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver etc) but more recently by listening to hip hop and catchy pop.

As I always say, it really is 'all about the tunes' and ‘Snow Fortress’ is a an easy going, melodic track that really gets going when the trumpets and percussion sweep the track to life in the chorus. The track is simply about 'a shy introverted singer' who transforms himself into a different persona simply to get on stage, and it's simply great listen - and not out of place on any indie pop playlist.

The vocals sound pretty good too, and other tracks such as 'Open Your Mouth Part 2' demonstrate this further as well as a softer side to his songwriting, so I definitely look forward to future releases.

Find him on Instagram.


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