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Single of the Week: I See Rivers 🇳🇴 - 'Your Love' (plus tour)

I am still trying to focus on Albums and EP"s, but there‘s always time for a Single of the Week, courtesy of Norwegian band I See Rivers and which is entitled 'Your Love' - it was released last Friday. To back up the single, the trio are heading out on a UK tour, which sees them play gigs in Wales, England and Scotland.

New track 'Your Love' seeks to "portray a relationship that is coming to an end from the perspective of someone who is obsessively trying to find rhyme or reason in the words and actions of the other part" say the band. It's sophisticated and sleek, with intricate harmonies enveloping the song, before building to an anthemic climax, yet the whole thing is still as typically delicate and tender as we've come to expect from the group.

Another impressive release from the folk pop trio, who finally head back out on the road in June and July, starting at the 'Unearthed in a Field' festival this weekend in Pembrokeshire, and then are just up the road from me in lovely Middlewich on Sunday 19th June at the 'Folk and Boat Festival'. They reach the Half Moon in Putney, London on 28th June and then a homecoming of sorts as they return Liverpool at Leaf on Wednesday 29th June - there's a 50/50 chance I'll get to see them there.

Anyway this track was recorded way back in 2018 over in Norway, whilst the good news is that they've just recorded an acoustic EP, which I'm particularly looking forward to, as I still think that natural sound really suits them.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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