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Single of the Week: Snake 🇸🇪 - 'Smile'

I'm somewhat behind this week, so just a quick Single of the Week courtesy of Swedish punk rock band Snake, who return with their new track 'Smile'.

For the uninitiated they're a 3 piece Stockholm based band who came to prominence in 2015 courtesy of their explosive debut 'Cradle of Snake'. Since then the band members have been involved with a number of projects including Memoria (Tess de la Cour), Night Terror (Madeleine Frankie) and a solo project for Mia Maria Johansson, some of which made it to these pages.

Now they're back and ahead of their 2nd album 'Undreams' they've release a single entitled 'Smile', a dark and intense track with searing vocals, relentless rhythmic drumming and guitars which just build throughout the track. Sensationally good.

The album is firmly in the diary for May 12th. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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