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Single of the Week: Visitors Club (ft Emma Acs) 🇩🇰 - 'Where the World is Mine'

A vast number of single releases to consider this week, certainly heading closer to 100, which is great but I can't let it take over everything. There weren't that many obvious stand out songs, I love the hypnotic release from Norwegian 8 piece Drongo entitled 'Padde' and it's great to have a new one from Kalandra too, but similarly to Vince Chinaski last week, I was drawn towards Visitors Club for my Single of the Week choice, just because it is a little different.

Behind the name Visitors Club is the musician and composer Manoj Ramdas, born in Denmark but who relocated to Los Angeles after he graduated in 1999, composing for TV and film. Intriguingly he has also played with a great selection of bands / artists along the way too, including The Raveonettes, Childrenn and interestingly Trentemoller - who released an excellent new album last week, that I hope to write a few words about if I have chance.

In debut single 'Where the World is Mine' he pairs up with Danish songwriter Emma Acs in a powerful track, with an imposing and almost stately electronic backdrop, yet with contrasting vocals that set out an enticing and haunting melody.

He promises that listeners will be offered a wide range of cinematic and experimental music from release to release, and the idea is that different guest vocalists will be featured - although the dark edge to Emma Acs vocals do suit this particular track perfectly, they remind me slightly of Annette Kathinka Servan’s in the opening of Major Parkinson’s ‘Black River’.

Look forward to future releases. Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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