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Single of the Week: Wilma Nea 🇸🇪 - 'Stoked'

I think I had close to 50 new Nordic singles to listen to over the weekend, of which about a dozen were added to the Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist which you can find here.

The pick of them to me is the new Wilma Nea single 'Stoked', which was released on Thursday. She's an artist I haven't written about before, hailing apparently from the forests of mid-west Sweden, releasing an EP entitled 'Issues' in 2020 and on the verge of releasing her debut album in early March.

In advance of that she's released 'Stoked', which just jumps straight into a lovely laid back melody, with the song attempting to ”capture the feeling of an indie film where two kids in love go on a trip to Italy. They've managed to patch up their relationship, so they don't care about all the problems, and the rain pouring down”.

The song conveys exactly that, and it’s music to remind us all that we shouldn't get caught up In the rat-race, just chill with those we care about, whilst exploring the world and listening to cool, indie music wherever we go.

Look forward to the album, and you can find her on Instagram.


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