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Singles of the Week: døssi 🇳🇴 and Team Play 🇫🇮

døssi - ‘jasmine, darling’

So two quick Singles before I start the catch up on Albums, and I’ll start with Norwegian songwriter døssi. I’ve covered her a few times previously and every release is of a consistently high standard, delivering soft expressive vocals with a quirky touch and interesting, clever instrumentals. Latest track 'jasmine, darling' is a gorgeous track, described as her 'most overtly happy' to date, apparently written "about floating around in one of those sickening bubbles of love". Nothing sickening about this in the slightest, it's perfectly judged.

Team Play - ‘Keep Me In The Dark’

I do, of course need to get round to the new Team Me album, but in the meantime we have a new team to consider by introducing the debut single from duo Ninja Koskela and Tapio Viitasaari, who together are Team Play. New song 'Keep Me In The Dark' is described as 'gothic-folk', which I get as a description, it's atmospheric, with most of the attention on the harmonies and interplay between then 2 singers, slightly sad, soulful and thoughtfully written. They share a love apparently for "singing, making songs and talking about human behaviour and politics". Another good Finnish discovery from the excellent Soliti indie label.

Album and EP write ups back from tomorrow I hope.


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