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Six Jakobsen 🇳🇴 - ‘Gardening, Part 1’ (Album)

I wrote about Bergen based songwriter Dossi yesterday, she's releasing her 'Lovebirds' album in 2 parts, each as EP's, and it looks like fellow Norwegian musician Siv Jakobsen is doing a similar thing with the release of her 'Gardening' album, the 1st part of which was released a couple of weeks ago. The 2nd part I believe is due for release in January.

Regular readers will know she's an artist we've written about for years, covering her I think as 'one to watch' even before she released her 1st single. Since then she's released 3 full length albums, a stream of singles and has toured extensively - including the UK, where she will return for a full tour in early 2023.

Straight from the opener 'Small', the album is typically understated, heading straight into a melody that is gorgeous but undeniably melancholy as her songwriting generally is, and a clarity to the lyrics which will hit you straight in the face: "Pulled on by an invisible string, tied round my throat and gnawing at my skin, now I can't even sing anymore, I've closed that door you win"

Because of course 'Gardening' isn't really about gardening (although clearly she finds that therapeutic too), this is Siv Jakobsen going through a difficult process of 'emotional gardening', as she describes it, dead-heading events in the past that she's probably put to one side as she's written and toured. The result is almost overwhelmingly powerful, with almost every word worthy of consideration. Take 'Birthday' as an example: "somewhere beyond this life you're mine and we're alright, but if I could go there, I'd never, never go there".

I guess musically 'Most of the Time' appeals most with it's lovely lilting melody and beautiful string arrangements, whilst the string textures in 'Bad by Design' initially create a different atmosphere, before it opens up with a beauty that starkly contrasts with the lyrics, ending: "It is clear in the light, it seems that I'm blind in love and in life, what a banal find and a shameful sight, I just wanna know what the hell that's about".

Stunning stuff from Siv Jakobsen, and I'm almost grateful that she's releasing it in two parts, because the whole album might have been too much to take in at once. But I certainly want to find out where this heads in Part 2.

She'll be heading back to the UK this week with dates in Nottingham and London, with the main tour in February 2023. Check out her Facebook or Instagram for more details.


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