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  • David Bentley

Skott (ft. Shylde) (Sweden) – 'Tired' (single)

It was in July last year that we last reviewed Skott, and with her rather excellent ‘My Name’, the focus single from her album 'Always Live For Always', and it’s innovative, strange, almost creepy video as her face on a loop and a giant pair of lips sang the song out of an old television set, accompanied by a Skott choir in picture frames on the wall. Bizarre, surreal but highly entertaining.

It was good enough to make my ‘Top 2020 singles’ list.

Now she’s back with a song that she co-wrote with friend and guitarist Shylde, but not for herself. In the end she became too attached to it to let go.

The song is about exhaustion, as the title suggests and vaguely referenced a year of lockdowns (although there haven’t been many in Sweden), for example:

“I'm tired, tired of the same things/Tired of the scene/Tired of the machine.”

But it’s from the viewpoint of someone who feels obliged to keep on going. The knackered marathon runner entering the home straight with a sympathetic crowd willing him to the finishing line.

She also points to the darkness in the melody disguising a tiny glimmer of hope.

The song is book-ended by an instrumental which takes up where ‘My name’ left off; an old-fashioned but attractive musical box melody that is very similar to its predecessor.

Thereafter the vocal is shared between them. When Skott is singing it comes across in her idiosyncratic style but when he does (with the same melody and similar lyrics) and when they’re singing together, it takes on more of a hip-hop feel. It’s strange how two different vocals can impact on the perception of a song.

I like it but – and no disrespect intended to Shylde – I don’t sense that she needed to involve him. She’s the star in the making with 100 million streams and counting, attracting plaudits from Katy Perry and Lorde. Sometimes it’s better to plough your own furrow, just like that marathon runner.

Skott released 'Tired', featuring Shylde via Dollar Menu (her own label) / Cosmos Music on April 23th.


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