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Soap Detox - Soap Detox (EP)

I’ve no idea quite where Soap Detox have suddenly appeared from, or where they’ve been hiding, but their sudden arrival on Friday, armed with their debut self-titled EP has caused a little bit of a stir – 4 tracks of laid back, fuzzy, post punk from a band that look better than a Beetroot & Halloumi salad.

How they met is a strangely heartwarming tale of drunken excesses following gigs in other bands, with subsequent accidental ‘meant to be’ meetings in Stockholm months later. Oh and two of the band were recruited after they were the only people to respond to flyers posted around the city. Apparently.

Their debut EP was released on Thursday and I’ve had it pretty much on rotation. It opens with ‘Like It’, a song that hooks you in from the start, thanks to the catchy vocals, before it develops with atmospheric guitars reverberating in the background, and it seems to happily takes references from indie bands across a few decades.

Lazy Eyes’ is languid and easy going, I guess it’s pretty simple in its construction, but it’s all delivered with real self confidence and has another killer chorus that you won’t forget in a hurry. It’s actually my favourite track on the EP, even if ‘Give Me Gore’ steals the show in terms of swagger, with a hint of an attitude that seems to destine them for slots at the Nordic showcase festivals in 2021. ‘Good Morning, I’m Mourning’ concludes, a curious 8 minutes of slowed down anthemic vocals and instrumentals, with a pretty impressive climax.

The video to ‘Give Me Gore’ seems to back up the character of the band. For some reason I can’t help but think that if Quentin Tarantino was to do a remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral, they would all fit in perfectly.

This is ‘Give Me Gore’

Find them on Facebook.


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