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  • David Bentley

SoLBLoMMa (Sweden) – ‘Another girl (single)

SoLBLoMMa has established herself as one of the most eccentric and original artists on the Swedish scene with her wide-ranging output produced over many years in a variety of styles and in both Swedish and English.

I thought I’d seen it all but this one took me by surprise. Partly on account of it being a guitar and bass-based track and I can’t recall encountering one previously from the synth Queen. Secondly, and in her own words, it’s a ‘fun’ song, and a detour from her usual modus operandi rather than a departure from it or any sort of reinvention. There’s always been something slightly dark about her songs previously, as with her previous epic about Madame Butterfly.

The ‘other girl’ is in fact a mannequin called Birgit and it’s moving in with her original one, Miriam. That’s Birgit in the photo. Do mannequins have to exercise social distancing? We’ll soon find out. SoLBLoMMa has a thing about them; Miriam has been a companion for years and often appears on stage with her.

I always thought SoLBLoMMa could make it as an actress if she wanted to. The Lady Penelope voice towards the end is spot on. And I just realised how much like Greta Thunberg she can sound although I don’t think she’ll thank me for saying so. But not a mention of climate change; the only change involves the mannequins.

There’s always a puzzling surrealism in her lyrics, too. What’s that about spending Thursday with Brian Eno? And finding someone to look after her hamster while she’s on her world tour?

You couldn’t make it up and that’s what’s so endearing about her.

‘Another girl’ is out on Friday 16th April.

Find her on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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