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Spring Teeth - ‘Silence is a Wonder’ (single)

Time seems so distorted this year, because in many ways everything has stood still, yet it certainly doesn’t seem like 12 months since I introduced Finnish indie rock band Spring Teeth to you all.

I didn’t seem to have much information about them at that point, but we established they were a 3 piece band from Helsinki, featuring members Hannu, Henri and Petri. Their debut track ‘Land of Bones’ had made quite an impression, with features in a few reputable music blogs (as well as ours), and the good news is they’re back with a new song entitled ‘Silence is a Wonder’.

These guys make a nice, melodic, if slightly messy racket, with the highlight of the track being a pretty upbeat cheery chorus and some sustained instrumental sections, which I guess is a feature of their music given we heard similar in ‘Land of Bones’. They’ve promised some news soon about future releases, and I am hoping we’ll get an EP or something, because I’d like to hear a few more tracks and see if I can really get into their music.

Writing about the track the band say that it’s a “placid, life-affirming tune, accidentally appropriate for these weird times.”

Sounds about right. Check them out on Facebook.


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