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Spunsugar (Sweden) - ‘(You Never) Turn Around’

It’s Groundhog Day, so I guess it’s only right that I make a conscious effort to feature artists that we’ve already featured previously, and Swedish band Spunsugar are probably a good place to start.

Last time we wrote about them was just prior to the release of their album ‘Drive-Through Chapel’, and the Malmo trio certainly made an impression with that release, and are probably now regarded as one of the most promising Swedish indie ‘exports’.

With their mix of indie, goth and shoegaze, they do still remind me a little of British 90s band Curve, whilst others have noted glimpses of Joy Division, The Cure and others. Of course, all of this true, but actually I can’t think of many bands with such a distinct style, and their music is dark enough to make me believe that they really are doing what they want.

Having said that, new track ‘(You Never) Turn Around’ is actually far more commercially leaning, a ‘pop’ song with a big synth backdrop, and vocally the melody is even heading in the direction of a catchy Echobelly anthem. Well, very slightly anyway.

Apparently the songs title refers to that moment in films where the theory goes that when a person is leaving and says goodbye but turns to look at you one last time, you know it’s love.

Spunsugar also say that they know the song has a ‘groovier’ commercial appeal, and that they might be “accused of having sold our souls, but that don't bother us - we never had one to begin with."

I don't think anyone would accuse them of having sold their souls, it's just a good dark, melodic indie shoegaze track.

Apparently there's a video coming soon. In the meantime find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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