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Starving For My Gravy (Norway) - ‘The Dancer’

I promise I’m not featuring this just because of the band name, because whilst it sounds like the type of phrase heard echoing daily around the streets of Oldham, I’m pretty sure gravy originated from France and not from the UK – similarly to pasties coming from Devon not Cornwall, as everybody knows.

Anyway Starving For My Gravy is a ‘collective art project’ based around musicians who’ve been involved in a whole host of Norwegian musical bands far too numerous to mention, but ranging from Frode Fivel Band, Ricochets, Remington Super 60 and Graalum, - whom we last featured way back in 2014. .

As for Starving For My Gravy, well they released an EP creatively entitled ‘Vol 1’ in 2015, but it’s been a while since they managed to get their collective energies together for a recording,

New song ‘The Dancer’ is an early glimpse of what we will see in ‘Vol 2’ of their releases, and it’s assured track, which sits somewhere between folk and indie pop. It does feel like these guys have returned much wiser (if a little wearier) and ‘The Dancer’ takes time to get moving before launching into a darn catchy anthemic chorus, and the vocals have an authority to them that will really capture your attention. This is mature indie songwriting, if that doesn’t offend anyone.

Take a listen here:

Find them on Facebook.


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