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Stoned Statues (Finland) - ‘Burning Feathers’ (single)

We featured Stoned Statues previously and the Finnish trio have returned this week with a new track which is equally good, possibly even better than their debut ‘Demento’. It’s entitled ‘Burning Feathers’.

They’re the trio who are based around childhood friends Allu and Markus, but incorporate vocalist Jenna who they met at art school. Their music shifts easily between post punk, metal and progressive genres, but the important thing for me is that their music is definitely listenable – which I think should give it broad appeal.

So ‘Burning Feathers’ just leaps into life from the start, the guitar riff sounds like a steam train rattling along a high speed, and Jenna’s vocals have an anger and rawness that suggests punk, but with a metal phrasing too. But the important thing is that it’s really catchy too, with an almost sing-a-long style chorus. And the big guitar sound is really punchy and just loud.

What I’m less sure is exactly what they’re exactly angry about, and the lyrics in ‘Burning Feathers’ don’t entirely resolve my question. “Burning feathers across the sea/ If I'll die tonight there's no one who can save me / Burning feathers across the sea / Told me I was almost there, where the ravens even turn to remains.”

Nope no idea. Maybe I should do an interview sometime.

But this is a really good track, and after listening again whilst I write this, it’s a definitely a step up from ‘Demento‘.

Their debut album is due out later this year.

Find them on Facebook.


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