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SUNDAYS 🇩🇰 - ‘Outer Coasts Session’ (EP)

Just a few words tonight as time is against me, and I did cover the excellent Wilma Nae track as my ‘Single of the Week’ earlier.

One of the many album releases I missed last year was ’Inner Coasts’ by the Danish band SUNDAYS, not to be confused obviously with other bands of a similar name - I always find the ‘The’ prefix is overrated anyway.

The album is a delicate and sensitively written release which is still worth checking out, and they’ve now released an EP entitled ‘Outer Coasts Session‘, a set of 3 acoustic songs recorded in a quarry last June.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this over the weekend, their music definitely suits the acoustic / live session format, because you should hear the subtleties of the songwriting, as well as their expression in the performances - along with the birds, wind and crunch of the chalk under their feet. Song for the Times’ is particularly effective, check it out here.

You can find them on Instagram or Facebook, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be releasing the live footage of the session pretty shortly.


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