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Suvi-Marjaana 🇫🇮 - 'Pieni Joki’

We have about four features to complete before we wrap things up for Christmas, not forgetting of course the tradition of our Nordic Indie Christmas playlist which should be released on Sunday. Before that, however we have one new artist to Nordic music review, which is Suvi-Marjaana and her track 'Pieni Joki', which translates to 'Tiny River' - this was released a few weeks ago, and I obviously blame the delay entirely on Ocean of Lotion.

This definitely isn't a Christmas song however I guess I should make the obvious point that Suvi-Marjaana does come from Finnish Lapland and the track is steeped not only with Lappish musical influences and inspiration, but also a feeling that this something mystical or even magical sprinkled on it too.

This was Suvi-Marjaana's second single, a follow up to the debut 'Olen.', and it is worth noting that since then she has released a third track entitled 'Opasta'. 'Pieni Joki' has this natural melodic charm to it, a feeling that everything is laid-back and effortless in both the production and delivery. The song is supposed to track a small stream flowing into the infinite ocean and you absolutely get that feeling, with the intense musical climax perhaps mirroring the arrival of the now developed river into the ocean itself, with a sweep of lavish Lappish musical influences.

Of course, I can't deny that language translation is an issue from my perspective, for which I can only apologise, but I certainly look forward to future releases, I like the traditional influences blended with the folk pop, even post rock styles.

Find her on Instagram.


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