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  • Andy

Swash 🇩🇰 - ‘The Hole’ (from EP 'Bees')

My favourite ‘new’ band on the newly updated Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist is Danish outfit Swash, courtesy of their newish track ‘The Hole’. But of course they’re not new at all, they’ve been around for years and I’ve clearly just missed them due to my normal hapless inefficiency.

Anyway it’s good timing to belatedly discover them, because the lovely guys at Motelvoid have just done this interview with them, where we discover that new EP ‘Bees’ is their 1st non completely DIY release courtesy of Christian Ankerstjerne who mixed and mastered the EP, and where we also discover their love of some excellent fellow Danish bands such as the frequently NMR featured Kindsight, Deirdre and bands I will now check out like Pelts.

‘The Hole’ is a great listen. It’s slightly leftfield, warped indie, that appeals from the 1st few seconds. You’ll hear influences from the likes of Pavement, The Pixies and maybe even Blake’s 7, and it’s languid, laid back and great fun.

Find them on Facebook.



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