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Talitha Ferri - 'The Sadness Lasts Forever' (single)

Whilst Nordic Music Review is probably a pretty good place to look if you want to find sad songs, I'm conscious that right now we need something that brightens things a little, that can be reflective but see some optimism in the world situation. Talitha Ferri seems to hit that balance pretty well with her new song 'The Sadness Lasts Forever', the 2nd song released in the lead up to her album which is due in May.

We've featured Talitha previously, a Danish / American songwriter based in Copenhagen, and who was covered by the likes of Goldflake Paint and 'One Chord to Another when she released her track 'Home' through the 'Soulpod Collective' last month.

'Home' was an impressive opener, but 'The Sadness Lasts Forever' soars to another level, courtesy of those vocals, which have such assured purity and confidence, that I promise you will believe everything she says. ''You'll be alright, despite the pouring rain'' she tells us at the start, and that's kind of good to know.

Instrumentally the song uses stripped back support, with just acoustic guitar and a violin, which both creep in and then build with the song, with the violin matching the vocals for their contrasting mix of melancholy and upbeat musical phrasing. The lengthy instrumental section is nice enough, and although it loses my attention slightly just before it returns to the main musical theme, overall I like the balance of Talitha Ferri's songwriting and musical arrangements.

Take a listen to 'The Sadness Lasts Forever':

I also like the thoughtful lyrical perspective here, and her sentiment that things don't necessarily ''get better they just change.”

“The Sadness Lasts Forever” is the second single off Talitha Ferri’s debut album “Get Well Soon,” a personal project turned concept album, and which will be released in May.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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