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  • Harri

Team Me 🇳🇴 - Something In The Making (Album)

We're finally wrapping up 2022 with a release we're months behind with, and if you actively listen to Nordic indie music then this next band that we’ll be featuring definitely won't be a stranger to you. Norwegian indie pop band Team Me released their latest album 'Something in The Making' earlier last year and it's their first full-length release since reuniting in 2019, and a staggering 7 years since they went into hiatus in 2014.

One thing that sets their new music apart from their old ones, I’d say, is that Something in The Making is still relatively pop, but so much grander and full of energy and high spirit. There is an upbeat friendliness to it, and the warmth of Marius Drogsås Hagen’s vocals will put anybody in a good mood. This might be a quite unlikely comparison, but I honestly hear the similarity in Marius and Adam Young’s (Owl City) voice.

Although each song in Something in The Making is definitely a banger, my favorite track in the entire album has got to be 'Song for A Drummer' - which reminds me of my favorite nursery rhyme “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Personally, for me, the song just has a pretty cheerful energy to it that makes me just swing my body and clap my hands through the beat. And isn’t that the purpose of music? To make us feel and do things to heart?

While their album’s name is Something in The Making, I can assure you that the work here is done, and Team Me provides it all in an hour-long of great, classic indie pop. I mean, they’re the 2011 Norwegian Grammy Awards’ Best Pop Group of the Year for a reason…and it takes more than seven years of disbandment to take that glory away from them. 

Find them on Facebook.


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