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Team Play 🇫🇮 - ‘Wishes & Desires’

Listening to the new Team Play album entitled “Wishes & Desires”, I suddenly felt the urge to just sit down. Yes, you read it right, just to sit down and happily be in a daze for a while. The rhythm of each song is achingly calming. It sounds peaceful, but if you’ll look into it, you’ll realize they’ve written something far deeper about the reality of love.

It can sound a bit cliched when you mention anything related to love, and Team Play maybe have an unusual way to express intimate and personal feelings of a human in full-length album. They’re comprised of two friends and musicians, Minja Koskela and Tapio Viitasaari, who clearly understand each other really well musically and lyrically.

Their music is based on harmonic gothic romance lyrics accompanied by a soft melodic piano, with a sentimental soundscape, with an assortment of other instruments. They have entered the new era of romanticism with ‘Wishes & Desires’, serving songs that are mainly focused on gothic hymns, which leads to express feelings kept inside - the yearns, struggles, wishes and desires which they believe are common for people to feel.

I’m not a fan of commercial, even cheesy sad love songs, so ‘Wishes & Desires” album perfectly suits my likings - especially ‘River Flows’ and ‘Keep Me in the Dark’ which I think, talks about the reality of separating ways. Along with that gentle piano and their perfectly blended breathy harmonised vocals, it is achingly serene. The full album sounds like a lullaby yet lyrically emotive with a great punch.

Another recommended album that will absolutely put you in daze. Whether your heart is shattered in to pieces or just empty, this album will help you find a way to feel something.

Find them on Facebook.


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