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The Entrepreneurs- 'A Good Year To Go Across Country' (single)

There have been a few releases in recent weeks that have seemed appropriate for the current times. The Entrepreneurs new(ish) single ‘A Good Year To Go Across Country’ isn’t one of them.

However it’s an unusual song which has left me curious about the direction that they’re taking, with a chorus that heads into a downward musical spiral and a stop / start approach that should shake you out of your comfort zone. It’s as if they want us to be on the edge, alert and conscious of our surroundings.

At least I think that’s their intention. If they were trying to conjure images of a blissful sunset on a Mexican beach in a world free of COVID, well maybe it doesn’t work quite as well.

We wrote about the Danish trio previously, they released an album last year entitled ‘Noise & Romance’, a follow up to a highly regarded debut EP entitled ‘Tony Rominger’. They’ve also toured extensively across Europe, including the UK, although I don’t think they’ve made it to these ‘northern’ corners.

These guys always make a consistently good noise, and I like the slightly different sound in ‘A Good Year To Go Across Country’.

You can find them on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The Entrepreneurs are included in our brand new Nordic Indie playlist which you can find here on Spotify. Please help support other Nordic artists by following and liking it.


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