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The Last Man - ‘Grayman’ (single)

We’re starting to spot some brand new 2021 releases coming through, and have a good collection to choose from tomorrow. Norwegian band The Last Man have sneaked in a day early with a new song called ‘Grayman’, a pretty substantial 6 minutes of epic, if slightly melancholy, prog post metal something or other.

I only came across this band earlier, courtesy of Instagram, the social media platform I find myself hiding in when the world goes particularly bonkers – which, would you believe, is actually rather a lot at the moment.

Anyway they’ve been around for a few years, releasing an EP entitled ‘The Redshift’ in 2017, and ‘Grayman’ is the 2nd single from their forthcoming debut album – the previous single was called ‘Where the Ocean Meets the Sea’, and was released in November.

As you’ve probably guessed from the previous singles title, these guys go for the atmospheric approach to songwriting, with sweeping melodies, big reverberating guitars and slightly quirky drumming, and it’s certainly interesting stuff. ‘Grayman’ manages to build some intensity up, the chorus will grow on you and above all else I just like the sound these guys make, as well as their intent - not afraid to throw out a 6 minute single definitely works for me. I guess I was waiting for an even bigger climactic blaze of noise which didn’t quite happen, but they’re probably not that type of band.

Anyway we’re delighted to introduce them. Find them on Facebook and of course Instagram.

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