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The Lund Commission 🇳🇴 - ‘10-11’ (single)

I must admit I was drawn to the The Lund Commission at first by the name, as it sounds like the type of interesting Indie project I might like, and I was also wondering whether or not it was related to Andre Lund - former Major Parkinson guitarist, composer, producer and all round nice guy. Turns out it isn’t, but it’s always good to give him another honourable mention.

Anyway they’re a 3 piece band from Sarsporg, south of Oslo and I have a feel from their debut single ‘10-11’ that this is still ‘work in progress’ to an extent, DIY indie perhaps, but the important thing of course is whether these guys can write ‘tunes’, and their debut suggests they most certainly can.

It opens quite simply, and the vocals took a while to grow on me, but it has an infectiously likeable indie / shoegaze feel to it, and the song seems to build with confidence as it progresses, and as they throw more guitars at the song. It's 5 minutes long, which is a good sign too.

An enjoyable and promising debut. You can find them on Instagram only, because Facebook is for us oldies.


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