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The School Book Depository 🇸🇪 - ‘The Kid with The Magnifying Glass’ (single)

"No parental supervision

No guidelines, just a kid"

Swedish musician and songwriter Fredrik Solfors under the musical moniker The School Book Depository has released a new song titled "The Kid with The Magnifying Glass", and it’s an ode to curiosity (and some kid killing bugs then putting them in a jar).

Now, when it comes to reviewing songs, I usually have a habit of delving into an artist's previous works to provide some context for comparison. However, TSBD’s music is relatively new to me. So, this time around, I've decided to approach it differently and evaluate the content as it stands. Here's my take:

"The Kid with The Magnifying Glass" starts off with a whimsical, chimerical melody that is immediately supplied with lyrics along the lines of a kid who rips bug limbs off for fun. With this bit, the unassuming song title evolves into a story that leaves you wondering what happens next, which is actually what the central theme of the song is: curiosity.

In "The Kid with The Magnifying Glass", there are three distinct characters in play: the bug-squishing kid, a guy who is far beyond the sun, and a grandpa who may not catch every word of the gospel. While the song doesn't explicitly chart the kid's journey into adulthood, it undeniably delves into the overarching theme of curiosity. It paints a vivid picture of what it's like to be a carefree child, unrestricted by rules or guidance, simply embracing their true selves.

The meaning behind TSBD's song remains a bit enigmatic, but one thing is crystal clear: its progressive tone and narrative of personal growth compelled me to reminisce about my own childhood. It transported me back to a time when everything was carefree and unburdened by the weight of adult responsibilities, reminding me that beneath the veneer of work, bills, and obligations, I was once that same inquisitive kid who gleefully chased bugs. Perhaps, I've never truly abandoned that curiosity, and you know what? That's perfectly fine.

So, if you’d like to give this song a listen, stream it on Spotify now. Maybe we share the same sentiments.

(Addt’l note: The School Book Depository is actually one of Andy’s favorites and it’s easy to see why).


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