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  • Harri

The Sleeplings 🇩🇰 ‘Passings’ (EP)

It’s already mid December and whilst the rest of the crowd is snuggled up in a winter wonderland of presents, cocoa mugs, and holiday socks, The Sleeplings latest EP release 'Passings' lures us back into the 31st of October with four tracks that are bewitchingly eerie and beautifully haunting—with an intense buildup towards the explosive vibe shift on the last song, 'All Hallows Eve'.

I always love it when music pulls me into another dimension different from the one I’m physically in, and all the seventeen minutes of 'Passings' holds such a subtle power to deliver any listener into an unearthly realm, almost as if falling into an unknown abyss but instead of feeling restlessness, it just puts you into a weirdly comforting ease with every beat.

The Sleeplings themselves describe their music as “curious, gloomy, and cinematic” and we couldn’t agree more. The Danish musical trio is composed of Jesper Kragh on vocals and guitar, Steen Lauridsen on drums, and Peter Just on keys. As a first-time listener to this band, I’m in awe of how well each member complements the other so well in terms of creating the perfect balance of melodies and mystery. I wonder what kind of genius goes on whenever the three gather to make music, but that is a story for another time.

June, the first track on the EP, starts off slow and intriguing, and then develops into something darker and heavier with 'Light Leaks'. 'Four Hens Down' is a bit more generous on the drums, which preps you for all the fiery blaze that awaits on All Hallows Eve.

And just a funny addition, the diversity of music has led me to hear Alicia Keys’ 'If I Ain’t Got You' in the intro to Light Leaks. Passionate and ethereal, 'Passings' is out now on Spotify and other leading music streaming platforms.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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