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'This Heel' - 'Fly me Back to Suspended Animation’ (single)

We wrote about young Norwegian musician Adrian Vikan yesterday, and another multi-instrumentalist with similar influences is Swede Martin Månsson Sjöstrand, who we wrote about previously when he released an album entitled ‘Universum Faller’ with his band, conveniently called the Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio. At the time we mentioned that he was a prolific songwriter who played in numerous bands (my favourite being Dog, Paper, Submarine), and he also has a solo project, which is called ‘This Heel’.

Based on previous releases I’d heard (notably his enjoyable recent track ‘I've Never Been In Love (But I'm Crushed Out Again)’, ‘This Heel’ has a more conventional lo-fi alternative Indie Pop sound, but latest track ‘Fly me Back to Suspended Animation’ is a perfect example of why I love Martin Månsson Sjöstrand’s music so much – because you never quite know which direction his music might head.

The song gets straight into full flow with a catchy vocal melody leading to a curiously infectious chorus, but then at just over 1 minute into the song it heads off in the most wonderful leftfield direction of instrumental guitar noise, with progressions that come so fast that on 1st listen my brain momentarily couldn't tell my ears what was going on, and that made me literally me leap around the house in dizzy, ecstatic excitement. The whole thing is simply a euphoric treat of guitar noise and tunes, and I just love it from start to finish.

I've just had this song on repeat ever since I first heard it.

For more details on 'This Heel' visit them at Bandcamp, Facebook or Twitter, where you can find links to Martin's other projects too.


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