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  • David Bentley

Tomode (SE) – 'Synergy' (title track from EP)

Tomode released their debut EP ‘Synergy’ on June 18th via French indie label Riptide Records and this is the title track from it.

Tomode, The Stockholm-based duo consisting of Carl Leandersson and Viktor Westerberg, have joined us here several times already and the last time earlier this year with ‘Golden Retriever’; in fact I reckon we’ve covered most of the EP tracks before now, and they’ve embraced a variety of styles including funk, electro-pop, Italian House and even yacht rock, some of them appearing in the same song.

The common factor to all of them though has been the feel-good factor. Tomode haven’t spent their lockdown time crying into their beer, they’ve met the challenge head on and conjured up song after song to keep you dancing.

This track, ‘Synergy’, is about “putting your trust in someone new”, presumably relationship trust. It’s the sort of song which calls for a serious approach and we feature artists every week that can do that perfectly well.

Not Tomode though. They are upbeat or nothing and this one sounds like the bastard offspring of Erasure and Chaka Khan if you can imagine such a thing (and if it was physiologically possible).

There’s a lot of debate these days about ‘genres’ and whether any attention should be paid to them. Tomode don’t give a hoot about genre, you can’t classify them, apart from the fact they make you feel happy. They are institutionally optimist.

‘Synergy' is available now on all music platforms.

Find them on Facebook. And Instagram.


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