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Tracks of the Week 01/11/21

Evran - ‘A Perfect Day

Norwegian writer and producer Evran will be releasing his EP ‘A Perfect Day’ in Spring 2022, but new track ‘A Perfect Day’ gives us an early taster, a soft dreamy indie pop song that takes influences from the mid 90’s - actually to me it reminded me a little of bands such as Thirteen Senses, which can only be a good thing of course. The simple piano theme carries the track through and it’s a thoughtful, reflective song that demonstrates that Evran is a really talented songwriter. A couple of months ago he released an equally appealing song entitled 'I Miss The Way You Smell In The Summer', so I'm certainly looking forward to the EP, and his debut album, which is also planned for 2022.

Sorrot - ‘After Ritual’

I featured Finnish project Sorrot when he released an EP in the Summer entitled ‘The Hauntings’ and he’s back already, this time with a track entitled ‘After Ritual’. Mixing Post Rock and Classical influences (a pretty good combo), musician Samuli Taronen really creates a blissful, striking atmosphere in his music, and the new track will really grow on you if you are patient enough. So please be patient.

Dark Sven - ‘World Without You’.

We haven’t featured Dark Sven previously, but the Swedish project (the brainchild of musician Henrik Moller) have just released an album entitled Invocation, and I’ll definitely spend more time listening to when I have chance. Focus track ‘World Without You’, is a melodic, melancholic indie track with some really enjoyable instrumental sections. Lyrically it “invites absent friends, loved ones and smart public personas back into our lives’.

Moyka - ‘When

Norwegian musician Moyka has also released a debut album, ‘The Revelations of Love’, and it‘s an impressive release, which treads a careful line between big commercial production and a personal narrative that tells a story over the course of a relationship. ‘When‘ is a good example, the synths never overwhelm the song allowing Moyka’s pleading and powerful vocals to be the real focal point. Not my thing entirely of course, but Moyka is helping lead the way in the Norwegian pop scene right now.

More new tracks next week, as I slowly breath life into the Nordic Music Review project.


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