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Treemer - 'Syllable Sky' (single)

Friday is now the traditional day for rolling out new music releases, but a couple of bands have thrown this out the window this week, including my favourite new Finnish band Treemer, who opted for a Wednesday for their new sinlge 'Syllable Sky'. It's a release which will appeal to all those who like their music to have a heavy dose of 90's indie guitar influences, and by that of course I mainly mean me.

We featured Treemer towards the end of last year when they released their excellent EP 'Meeting'. The band have a lovely history behind them, having played together in a number of Finnish Indie bands such as Chickenpotpie, The Pansies and Montevideo, and you can almost hear the joy that playing and recording music together brings them.

The band describe 'Syllable Sky' as an empowering song - ''it evolves from something quite harmless into a passionate manifesto of one’s right to carry out dreams and make independent choices regardless of what other people may think'', which is rather nice, and although I maybe would like to be able to hear those lyrics a little more clearly in places, that's mainly because of the particularly appealing cranked up guitar combinations that drive the track forward - so I guess I can't have everything. It's certainly a more direct, upbeat and less 'Lush' like track than their previous releases, with a soaring melodic climax in the chorus, and I like it very much.

This is 'Syllable Sky':

The track is the first to be released from a new EP which is due in Spring, and set to be entitled ' 'Slow'. To coincide with that Treemer will play some live international dates in Germany in April and May, which might not quite be practical for me, but I'm determined to see these guys live at some point.

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