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Treemer - 'Weathers' (single)

I’ve written about Finnish band Treemer a couple of times previously, and it’s great to have them back with a new track, this time a short, 'summery' song called ‘Weathers’. It's nice to know it's not just a British obsession.

Although this band only formed last year, their history literally goes back decades thanks to the members playing with in a number of bands together, including Chickenpotpie, who were pretty well known in the Finnish indie scene and abroad.

Influenced by bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Sonic Youth and with a big hint of Lush and similar in their music, their EP ‘Meeting’ was probably always going to appeal. It was also nice to see favourable write-up in ‘One Chord to Another’, the blog bible of Finnish indie music.

New track ‘Weathers’ is simple enough, and it just oozes influences from guitar bands of the 90’s. With a laid back feel, it hasn’t quite knocked me out on 1st few listens, but I like in particular the swell of indie guitar sound in the last minute - they are such an easy band to listen to.

Reading about the track it sounds like the band were trying to write a song that was simpler in structure and more akin to bands like The Lemonheads, and yes I do definitely hear that.

This will definitely be appearing on next weeks update of the Nordic Music Review Indie playlist, which you can find here.

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