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Trees up North - ‘Underwater’ (single)

Last time we wrote about Trees up North he was stuck on a ladder, metaphorically at least, trying to work out which way to climb, and in fact which direction the ladder was actually pointing at all.

Now he’s back, and this time he’s underwater, albeit deliberately as he wants to recreate that ‘thrill’ of running out of breath. Perfectly normal of course, because as we all know there’s nothing like a bit of half drowning to bring a smile to your face.

Anyway it’s a very welcome return for Trees up North, which for the uninitiated is the musical vehicle for Hans Stop, a musician who seemed to come out of nowhere a few months ago (or at least that isolated farm he lives in the middle of Norway) with his debut track. It’s actually been one of my favourite new releases of the year.

Underwater’ is another thoughtful track, and it’s probably best to let him explain more about the premise of the song.

Keeping your breath under water for a long time is an exercise few of us master. The desperate but exciting feeling you get when you realize that the air in the lungs is about to run out, and you have to rise to the surface. Each time surprised at how different these two worlds are experienced. Always above or below the surface. Safe on land, one immediately longs to return to the dark, peaceful depths where, only a moment ago, one struggled to survive.”

Well I guess he’s definitely right about one thing, we are always either above the surface or below it. To me though it makes me think about whether we prefer the comfortable surroundings of dry land, or whether we really want to take risks in our life.

Anyway it’s not quite so musically tempting as ‘Ladder’, but it’s an impressive track that will draw you in emotionally, and the catchy background vocals add a cute dimension to it too. Hans Stop does have a really great voice, and his tracks are bold and distinctive.

Incidentally there’s a 3rd track out there too, called ‘For The Greater Good’, which has a lovely piano part, and they’ll all be featured on their new album, which hopefully will see the light of day in January. Trees up North does like his symbolic, descriptive tracks, so it should be a weighty album - even just for the press release notes.

Find him on Facebook.


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