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Troels Joergensen (Denmark) - ‘Odie’ (single from album ‘Willing to Die’)

We have the normal barrage of Friday releases waiting to hit us, but Danish musician Troels Joergensen (and his band) slipped out an album last week on a Wednesday, and it’s an interesting mix of musical styles, 60s pop through to more modern alternative rock.

It was the pre-album single ’Odie’ that captured my attention, but reading about ‘Willing to Die’ made me want to listen and understand in far more detail, as all the other tracks were written about their close friend and bandmate Heinzz, who sadly took his own life in 2016.

I must admit that I’m finding it difficult to make sense of anything right now, with life seemingly so fragile, but Troels Jorgensen have somehow managed to write a really fitting album, maybe because it’s simply a release with a lot of love in it. Part tribute, part commemoration, sometimes sad, yet upbeat at other times, they’ve picked up their guitars and drumsticks, played music to their absent friend and remembered all the good times.

I’m really looking forward to listening to the album in more detail over the weekend, early favourites include the Americana influenced opener ‘As I Promised Myself’ and the indie guitar driven ‘Down A Hole’. But that single ‘Odie’ is a good starting point, partly because it has a video, and cutely it was written for Troels son who’s nickname is Odie, named after the dog in Garfield. I liked Odie, not everything was as it seemed with that dog.

Anyway ‘Odie‘ is a joyous indie track with a big melody and some really enjoyable band instrumentals carrying the track along in the background. Timeless guitar music that happily takes influences from across the decades.

Check out the video:

And please don’t forget the album, ‘Willing to Die’ which was released on May 7th.

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