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Varvara (Finland) - ‘On My Way to You’ (single)

I’ve been listening to the new album from Finnish band Black Twig today, and it’s a noisy enjoyable listen. But the new single ‘On My Way to You’ from fellow countrymen Varvara is definitely noisier.

It’s the 1st single from a new album that they’re due to release at the end of March, and I’m already looking forward to taking a listen, maybe even on the limited edition vinyl that they’re due to release.

Varvara have been quiet for a couple of years now, but they’ve churned out releases regularly over the last decade, and new album ‘Bad Acting Good’ is somewhat impressively their 5th long play, all delivered with a healthy dose of 90s power pop, rock along with the Pixies / Sugar / Posies / Weezer and more.

Anyway just listen to the opening of ‘On My Way to You’, it has the most joyous uplifting and stompingly loud guitar riff. The song then launches off in a more tuneful power pop direction, the guitars sound great throughout and it’s completely irresistible and not really breaking any new musical ground whatsoever – and I don’t really care.

The album was recorded live at a remote farm last summer, mixed by guitarist Tommi Muhli, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege). It will be released on vinyl via Royal Mint Records and digitally via Playground Music Finland.

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