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Vera Vinter 🇸🇪 - ‘Idyll’ (Single)

Just one single before Christmas, and whilst it's not a festive song as such, it's definitely appropriate for the time of year.

It comes courtesy of Swedish songwriter Vera Vinter, an artist, singer and producer from the very north of Sweden, who interestingly also runs Wild Cat Studio in Stockholm for female artists, which we must try and feature more in 2024.

'Idyll' is completely beautiful, and the description written for the release is definitely worth repeating in full, because just read it whilst you're listening to the track and you'll completely be able to imagine exactly the picture she paints in your mind: "On the lake in Norrbotten's hinterland, a girl skates on the ice. With her is a wise grandfather who teaches his granddaughter everything he can. The smoke from the mouth as their breath meets the cold air. A song about rosy cheeks and ”lovvikkavantar” and spending time in mother nature."

Just to add to the poetical beauty of the song she sings it in a mix of Swedish and the rare local dialect ”Kalixmål”, which adds to the power and mysticism of the song. And the strings capture perfectly the icy backdrop to the song.

Also check out 'Paris', which she released in October and has some lovely instrumental arrangements.

Find her on Facebook.


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