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Verandan - 'Pink Clouds' (single)

We first wrote about Finnish band Verandan back in 2017, after being recommended by Rami Vierula of Delay Trees in this Interview. They released a couple of singles in the run up to the release of a self titled mini album (or long EP) at the end of that year, but since then it’s been silence from the band who are fronted by Ville Hopponen (ex Cats on fire, the New Tigers), supported by various band members who’ve played in outfits such as Black Twig and interestingly Kynnet – a band who’s name keeps cropping up but we’ve never featured before.

Musically Verandan seem to exist in a parallel universe, with songs that will whisk you away from the stresses of daily life, happily dropping you on a sun soaked deserted island for a few minutes of blissful ignorance.

Pink Clouds' challenges long standing routines and the familarity of doing the same things, as Ville Hopponen explains – ‘’it’s about a creeping doubt nestling itself in when you've followed the same path for a long time, starting to realise the distance to where you left off, not having much to show for the venture.’’

I guess that sentiment questions so many aspects of human life, whether it be professional careers, relationships, supporting hapless lower league football teams, music blogging… okay maybe it’s best to swiftly move on and just consider the music. ‘Pink Clouds’ is an understated and gentle song, where all instruments seem to be in perfect equilibrium, melodies offered by synths, guitar, vocals and even bass, fused together seamlessly - it’s not exactly hard hitting stuff, but it’s simply lovely.

Listen to ‘Pink Clouds’ here, released through Soliti.

So it’s good to hear more music from Verandan, and we have it on good authority that this is the 1st single in a series of releases planned for them this year. I look forward to covering them again, assuming of course I’m still here writing about music – and if I’m not, well you know who planted the seeds of doubt right?

Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Bandcamp.


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