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Video of the Week: Benedikt (Norway) - ‘Purple and Green’

Before the clamour of the Friday release schedule, just a quick mention of Norwegian indie folk band Benedikt, who are heading quickly towards the release of a new album due in April.

Entitled ‘Balcony Dream’, it’s a follow up to their appropriately named 2019 album ‘Communal Work’ – appropriate of course because Benedikt have a sizeable collection of musicians playing in the band, often contributing and writing parts independently from each other, rather than all playing in the studio concurrently.

All their releases have a quiet indie charm to them, and latest single ‘Purple and Green’ is no exception. The comparisons of course with the likes of Sufjan Stevens are obvious, and whilst I accept with good humour that not everyone might like some of the musical oddities I inflict on you all, surely everyone must like the lovely expressive musical writing that Benedikt offer.

Take a look at the video to ‘Purple and Green’:

And the album can be pre-ordered by visiting the following link.

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