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Video of the Week: Reveal Party - ‘I’m A Girl’

We featured Danish / Faroese artist Brimheim earlier this week, and she has recently signed to the excellent Danish record label ‘We Are Suburban’, who’ve collected a real treasure trove of interesting diverse acts including the amazing M. Rexen, as well as Alcabean, Girlcrush and many more.

Added to that roster now is another relatively new band Reveal Party, and their debut single ‘I’m A Girl’ was released this week. It’s the biggest bedroom pop anthem we’ll probably hear this year, in that it’s performed and produced to a lo-fi backdrop, but it’s making a statement too, which as songwriter / vocalist of Reveal Party Emily suggests was unusual for her, because ‘’I don’t usually write statements’. But most of all ‘’I wanted something trans women could sing along to at our shows and cry their f***ing hearts out, the same way I’ve done at other shows.’’

It’s a really powerful song lyrically, and musically it has seeped under my skin, with a mix of indie, pop, folk, maybe even psychedelic rock influencing its creation. Melodically it starts quite simply, but the mix of instruments builds, adding layers onto the sound. But then at 2 ½ minutes in that instrumental support cuts revealing the lines:

‘’I’m happy to be undeniably pure, a companion piece to empathy's unravelling boredom, It helps me to be automatically sure of everyone and everything that passes me over’’.

It’s a really strong effective end to the song. It’s my ‘Video of the Week’ too.

Find Reveal Party on Facebook or Bandcamp.


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