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Visitors Club 🇩🇰 - ‘Visitors Club 1 ‘ (EP)

I need to stop getting distracted by other projects, and I’ll start the process with a couple of quick reviews on artists I’ve touched on previously but have now released longer plays.

Behind Visitors Club is the Danish musician and composer Manoj Ramdas, who hails from Sonderborg, but has also studied and lived in Los Angeles. Having spent time touring with the likes of The Raveonettes and Trentemoller he's now launched his own project, and he made quite an impact with his debut single 'Where the World is Mine', at least with me, given I made it our 'Single of the Week'.

One of the ideas behind the project is that he plans to feature different guest vocalists on different releases, and in 'Visitors Club 1' that vocalist is Emma Acs, featuring on 2 songs alongside 3 slightly shorter instrumental tracks. One of those we featured previously, the other is the excellent 'Best Wishes', another track with a bold imposing instrumental backdrop, carried forward by Acs' distinct vocals, and another attractive melody.

The instrumental tracks add some character, 'Membership Approved' in particular has a subtle fusion of melodies and ambient sounds, but it'll be interesting whether future releases expand on this further, as well as who takes on the vocal duties - although more songs with Emma Acs would be very welcome indeed.

So a curious release to an extent, but still enjoyable and with a couple of stand out singles Manoj Ramdas has shown enough for us to look forward to future releases.

Find them on Instagram.


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